Internally Great Fulford boasts a suite of grand interconnecting entertainment rooms, which gives it an almost unique ability in the South West to host a large party without the expense of a marquee.

It also has the great advantage that the thick internal walls can enable loud music to be played in one room while other guest can enjoy normal conversations in adjoining rooms without having to raise their voices.

The Great Hall

The Great Hall, where the panelling dates from the early 16th century, is entered directly from the courtyard, and can seat up to a hundred people.

The Great Staircase

You leave the Great Hall and enter a cavernous room which soars to the full height of the house and which contains the Great Staircase, a truly grand late 17th century statement.

The Ball Room

You enter this through a carved 17th century oak doorway. The room is a Double Cube and boasts a glorious ceiling recently completed by the sculptor, Geoffrey Preston. This room is a favourite place for a party or Civil Wedding Ceremony.

The Great Parlour

You turn right just before you get to the foot of the Great Stairs and enter the Great Parlour. A late 17th century panelled room which is approximately 600 sq. Feet.

The Ante Room

This room is filled with sofas and chairs, and is a popular night club. Alternatively, by opening the double doors in to the Great Parlour creates a combined space that can sit up to 120 people.

External Venues

Great Fulford has some superb outside locations available for hire.

Ballroom images by Nick Carter, other room images by James Forshall.